Flamelash Raid Progression


Hello fellow Flamelashers!

Lets get those traditional Raid Progression Thread going.
Post your Bosskills with date and time preferable with a confirmation Screenshot, so i can add it to the List.
At the moment all Kills i know of, you can help expand and complete the list by posting screens here and of course killing them :slight_smile: :

Kill Order:

  1. (A) Venture 07.09.2019 01:30
  2. (H) Seven lead raid with help from members of Enigma, Mankton, Nightlife and Satanolla 12.09.2019 21:01
  3. (H) Dread 12.09.2019 23:30?
  4. (A) Big Dig mining co 18.09.2019
  5. (A) Booty Baywatch 24.09.2019
  6. (A) Forged 30.09.2019


  1. (A) Venture 10.09.2019 20:23
  2. (H) Dread 15.09.2019 19:30?
  3. (H) Seven lead raid with help from members of Enigma and Satanolla 15.09.2019 19:59
  4. (A) Big Dig mining co 17.09.2019
  5. (A) Booty Baywatch 24.09.2019
  6. (A) Forged 29.09.2019


We killed Ragnaros on 07 ‎September ‎2019, ‏‎at 01:30 in the morning.

We killed Onyxia on 10 ‎September ‎2019, ‏‎at 20:23 in the evening. We then proceeded to kill Thrall shortly after for a little fun.


We got server 2nd Rag aswell on the 11th tbh


who is we?

thanks edited it in.
left out thrall, but i heared the screams deep into molten core :wink:


We as in Venture, forgot too swap char on the forum profile


Ragnaros Killed by Big dig mining co on 18/9/19Onyxia killed on 17/9/19


Downed by Aftermath


Booty Baywatch rag and ony 24/9


Forged (A) killed Ragnaros on 30 September 00:03
and Onyxia on 29 September