Flamelash realm population

Hello everyone reading this post,

Recently returned to play WOW burning crusade classic and found out that my realm (Flamelash) has only 11 online horde players in the midday. It is just impossible to find a party or cooperate with someone to play this game. Is there any chance Flamelash can get a merge with another realm or possibly a free migration? It seems quite unfair to be forced to pay a sum for character transfer just because the realm has been abandoned by players. I’m willing to continue playing, but if it goes on like this, no motivation could be left to play this game. Hope for some feedback from Blizzard.
Thank you.

Best wishes,
Cellador, Flamelash

UPD: Just found out there is a free migration from Flamelash going on now. Wonder if this is coincidence or something, but is pretty pleasant to know that.

Flamelash was the first realm to die in Classic because of Blizzard silence. The faction balance was very bad and the game was unplayable.

All Alliance escaped with their free migration, the server was full of Horde.

This is a monument. Time to time, I login into this server, Alliance side, level 1, in Stormwind and Ironforge.

What you’ll saw is an empty field. The absence of life. It’s beautifull and terrifying. A strange atmosphere.

Rest in peace Flamelash.

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