Flametrash immigrants have destroyed Earthshaker

Thanks to the mass exodus from Flamelash, Earthshaker has now been destroyed… It went from a nice medium pop server to now having QUEUES… The economy is Fu#@ed and horde have been overrun by toxic idiots from Flametrash… Can only imagine the OG alliance players from ES have it worse since they got more than 700 alliance from Flametrash. And they somehow manage to be a bigger waste of toxic trash than the horde

Thanks flametrash instead of just destroying Flamelash you moronic alliance idiots started a chain reaction that led more horde to the server and it has now gotten to the point you no longer can see your own character in Orgrimmar…


The whole situation is an absolute flustercuck. I was on Flamelash with two characters, this warrior and a 36 priest. The Horde side of the server was so toxic that it was completely unplayable and most Alliance just bailed, myself included. I left way before it got out of hand however, before phase 2 even hit. If you never played on Flamelash, you’ll probably never understand how bad it was, and often still is. I was constantly corpse camped, the flight masters were camped, the cities were camped, there were groups of 10+ level 60 players who would roam the game just killing any Alliance player they could find, regardless of level. No honor points, no rep, no benefit whatsoever other than pure griefing. Seeing where this was headed, I moved to Nethergarde Keep which is a PVE server and haven’t looked back. Then Phase 2 hit, which made it even worse, and then Blizzard decided to open a FCM which was the final nail in that server’s coffin.

I still keep an eye on things, this was my home after all. I did a /who last night at 8pm and counted a total of 75 Alliance players. For comparison, right after that I did the same on Nethergarde Keep and counted a minimum of 2k players (1998 to be exact, but I could only count up to 50 of each class at level 60, how many there actually are is anyone’s guess).

This evening I logged on to Flamelash to farm some Elemental Fire in prep for bringing a this warrior over to my new server, which was great given how dead the server is.

A few Hordies were there too, three of which helped me and were obviously aware of the dire situation on that broken server as they were quite kind. A mage then came along, who let’s not forget was 26 levels higher than me and therefore gained nothing from killing me other than being a bellend, and made it his sole mission to ram home the reason why that server is dead.

I think deep down I want that server to rise to its former glory but sadly people like this mage have no interest in maintaining a healthy server and would rather kek himself off over repeatedly one-shotting someone completely defenseless over and over for zero gain.

I did my last res, bid the others farewell once more before the mage one-shotted me again and logged off for the last time.

Flamelash is dead. It’s a cancerous cyst in the otherwise fairly healthy WoW universe and I genuinely hope that cretins like this mage enjoy their hopeless PVE server.

So apologies if having the refugees on your server is such a mild inconvenience. If you really want to feel pain, I highly recommend you go level an Alliance character to 60 on Flamelash. You have no idea the crap those guys have been through.

If you want an interesting read on the state of Flamelash, search “forever gaming” and head to the WoW forum where I maintain a thread called “RIP Flamelash”. Interesting reading.


Yeah, it’s a megaserver now :cry: . I really wonder why there wasn’t any cap to how many players can transfer to Earthshaker.


Yup, we moved here to avoid a megserver more than once and yet here we rae.

God dam immiagrunts

Well that’s one way to get this topic locked.

Makes me want to level a char on Flamelash PVE and transfer it to any PVP realm after hitting 60.

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i don’t think so, blizz don’t read forums

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If you know this, why are you lvl 60, playing a buggy game. We need all the help we can get out there.

Well that’s one way to get this topic locked.

lol, too offensive?
its the truth man, to lock a topic over a spit of truth would just make blizzard look bad.

This is not the place for truth posting, you will get suspended from forums by gms etc

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so be it. /10char

It’s going to be the exact same across all the other servers.
Say bye bye to your communities and hello to shapeless mega servers.
Remember: you asked for this, so don’t be complaining when it doesn’t go the way you thought it would go.

gonna delete my posts because i don’t want to get banned.

No we didn’t. Many of us transfered away from megaservers such as Gehennas as soon as the free transfers became available in early September becuase we didn’t want to play on such a server. People told us to enjoy our dead server, but unfortunately Blizzard let us end up on another overpopulated server with occational queues during prime time.

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Yep. And I’m a walking evidence of it: created a thread about certain pserver with almost a 100 replies. I’m still here, so is the thread.

You welcome fam.

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You should make Thrall build a wall to keep all the immigrunts out.

But yeah, Blizzard manages transfers with such ignorance that I’m actually starting to wonder if they actually want people to stop playing.

Nawwww, gwan, what did you say?

No, not immigrants, they are Expats.