Flawsome Nerds (Sylvanas A) is recruiting!

Greetings from the inglorious members of the officer team at Flawsome Nerds.

We are an Alliance guild on the Sylvanas server and we are recruiting fellow nerds to join us for Dragonflight. Are you nerd enough?

A little about us
We are a recently created guild that had a bad breakup with the psycho ex partner guild we were all once a part of.

Since the breakup we cleared 3/10 Fated Mythic Sepulcher with a reformed team with a couple rerolls, 4/10 Fated Mythic SoD and 5/10 Fated Mythic CN, we will be pushing a little harder in DF that’s for sure

In Dragonflight we are aiming to push as far into mythic as we can with the aim of getting CE but for that we need some more super nerds to bolster our ranks.

Given the guild is all of a couple months old we don’t have a backstory full of jaded drama and hysterical blunders, but we do have some absolute belter moments that have been pinned in our main discord channel.

What we are looking for
So you want to join us… puts fingers together Excellent

We are primarily looking for Ranged DPS, namely Priests and Mages because for some reason they seem to evade us and none of our 4 Hunters are willing to reroll and our illustrious leader decided he wanted to be a dress wearing edgelord… cursed warlocks and their edgy charms, but do not fret as we are looking to expand our roster in general so much so that all applicants will be considered. Its the start of a new expansion people will want to try new things.

Returning and new players are welcome to join us and we will be more than glad to teach you the ropes of the game.

We are an English speaking guild, we have Brits here and we all know they don’t want to learn another language (I don’t) but we have members from all over the globe.

Please be accepting of constructive criticism we all want the same thing after all and sometimes we just need a little nudge to help us get there.

Sense of humour blah blah *blah

What we offer you
We offer you a state of the art sh*tshow ran by an elected council of plebs…

Only joking… or am I?

We will offer you a safe haven to be as weird and wonderful as you like with no judgements from our members, at least directly anyways.

Speaking fluent banter we do pride ourselves on having some absolute memery in everything we do, we don’t just raid together and thats that no, we are a community who plays other games together.

In raids we will provide most consumables I.E: cauldrons, feasts, vantus runes, repairs and the like.
If we can we will provide gems and enchants dependant on how gold hungry our crafters are…
Do be aware that to begin with we ask that BoEs be given to an officer to be sold on the AH so we can continue to provide said things above.

I hope to hear from you soon. TTFN xoxo

Please contact either: