Flipe is stronger then ever

Hey losers of the Alliance and cowards of the Horde. It’s the #1 Shaman here, Flipe.

I recently came into contact with a few level 60 Hordes that were too chicken to take down a weak Alliance member stealing gold from one of our own. This poor restoration Shaman was getting camped by this boosted warrior with his Pathetic “Unstoppable Force” Mace. Had I not taken a break from my fishing adventure to save this young shaman he would have logged off and quit the server. I am deeply disappointed in all of you in the Arathi Highlands.

I have reached level 60 for a while now and have aquired the latest and greatest weapon in my Arsenal. The Earthshaker or as I call it: The Tearmaker. A cheeky double meaning as it makes the enemy tear up once they see me coming at them and it also makes tears in the Kalimdor as I mop the floor with the losers on the Alliance. All those who dare to face me rarely live.

This is another warning to all of those out there who doubt the power of my Enhancement energy, once I see you all I’ll need is 1 hit and through the guided magic of the elements you will be knocked to the floor one swipe of my imbued Wind Weapon of mass destruction. And to those who think you can swarm me I laugh. For you see the mighty TearMaker also knocks down all losers in an area so i will gladly type /chicken on you while you struggle to stand up.

Grow some balls Horde. Take down all Alliance you see.

This has been Noggenfoggers new Awakened king,

U should be like unbreakable shaman rank 14 pvp

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