Flying away after fighting query

Hey been playing for about 6 weeks or so, loving it but i keep getting this thing, i get stuck in combat, cant fly away but there is nothing there, everything is dead… is it because my weapon is out or something else ? it doesn’t happen every fight but enough for it to be annoying as hell…

Sometimes we are stuck in combat with mobs that have bugged out. Some zones are notorious for it like Nazmir.

I usually log out and wait 30 secs then log back in again. Usually means using ALT+F4.


Yes, that is REALLY annoying!

Sometimes you can actually get “into combat” with a critter - one of those tiny creatures you don’t usually even see or notice.

If you have a sense of where the problem started, laying down some AoE damage there might kill it and solve the problem.

But if you can’t find anything around, then as Puny said, Alt+F4 to terminate the game should always work.


Often I find just running away from the area is enough. There does seem to be some hotspots where even that won’t do (here’s looking at you Stormheim).


Often, yes.

I do remember back in Mists having to run all the way across the Jade Forest, and didn’t get free even when I crossed out of the zone. Eventually, I jumped off a cliff to kill myself.

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And if you end up playing Mage, Rogue, Hunter or Night Elf, you can use invisibility or similar abilities to drop combat and get around the bug. No relogging or death required. :innocent:


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