Flying in Draenor and Legion


Hi guys, I came here from WOLK server and its all a bit overwhelming. Can someone tell me how do I learn flying on Draenor and Legion expansion please? Someone told me something about Pathfinder quest, but I am not really sure what it means? :confused:

If theres already topic about it please show me, thank you.


Hey man.
In legion and wod, you need to complete an achivment called pathfinder.
The wod one is only one part, but the legion one is 2 part achivment.
Here is the WoWHead link for the wod one:
Here is the Wowhead link for the legion one:
Part 1:
Part 2:

If you need help with them, contact me on Alpha#24257

Good luck :slight_smile:


Is it the same for BoA? This Pathfinder achiv?

I think before I explore all those locations in WoD and Legion - I wont really need the flying anymore or am I wrong? I mean, I need it mostly for faster questing, but since I gotta explore ALL those locations before I can even fly, its kinda useless after no or?

Thank you anways man! :slight_smile:


Well if you ever plan to level a twink I would highly recomend to get these achievements.
And yes BfA also has 2 pathfinders, where the 2nd part (where you can fly then) isn’t on live servers yet

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