Flying machine works with engineering lvl 138

I’m a bit confused. Everything I find online says I need to be engineering level 300 to fly the flying machine.

I did craft it myself, but even the tooltip in-game says level 300, but it still lets me use it.


This was a side effect of some of the changes to the professions in Battle for Azeroth
You still need a high level of the skill to craft and learn the mount, but once it’s in your collection any Engineer (skill level of at least 1) will be able to mount and use it, with the appropriate Riding skills of course.

But not safely.

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Hey at least the mount won’t set you on fire, shoot you into the air, turn you into a chicken, swap your appearance with some other teleporter user, turn you into your Evil Twin… I’m sure there’s other malfunctions I can’t remember at the moment that other Engineering items can occasionally have :smiley:

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Thanks. Nice to know that my character might blow up :stuck_out_tongue:

That makes a lot of sense :slight_smile:

If you don’t blow up or set your self on fire at least once with Engineering you’re not trying hard enough :smiley:

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I’d suggest blowing up dynamite by mistake. But if there’s a more fun way?.. :smiley:

Malfunctions? Those aren’t malfunctions!

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