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Evening good people. Brace yourselves… grab a drink and some popcorn, and start reading what a stranger from god knows where is writing about. Before anything, i just want to say that this post will actively be updated to reflect the changes as i go along about my adventures in World of Warcraft.

Why are you reading this post/ What is all this about
I am making this post here to introduce to you an idea, a wish, about that almost perfect team you talk about every time after you experience a heart breaking experience from your longtime team, to the one you gave your full effort, dedication, and most importantly, the time, of which we have less and less for this game as the time goes by.

Who is writing this post
I am Dexterr, a 24 year young man, ambitious, active working status 9 to 5 Monday through Friday, but always, and forever, a passionate World of Warcraft player. I come to you with this idea after experiencing a sincerely heartbreaking experience with my team, that i created, and led throughout Legion expansion, from pleb players, from dirty casuals, all the way to 9/11M success of the Antorus raid in Legion, i tried to reform again early BFA, but my heart and mind was not ready, so it only lead to me disappointing a lot of people. That is the shortest description i can fit in here so I can write some more important stuff about why i am making this post. But i promise, i have a lot of stories to share and talk about once we meet :slight_smile:

The idea.
A unique group of Casually retired raiders and pvpers. You are casual, you are retired, you were a raider once, you were a PVPer once, but you just dont have the time to grind as hard as you used to, you still play, you still want to raid, and to pvp, but these teams nowadays are just to damn hardcore.
Well, i would like to introduce to you Townsfolk EU, a team with an active schedule of events for you to participate, if you can, because if you cant, guess what? The event will go on without you because luckily Blizzard was kind enough to make a Premade finder tool for us to find substitute players when one of our guys are missing :slight_smile: and i mean this with no disrespect, just honestly stating right here that this team is not afraid to pug and play, to use the time we reserved for raiding that night, and to not end up disappointed that ‘our main healer didnt show’. Theres plenty of main healers out there who are looking for some action. To cut it short. All events will be announced and organized by Me, and they will never be cancelled, unless god forbid, someone dies in my family, or gets married that night.

Raiding nights and PVP night
Everyone is welcome to host their events at any given time/date. But from me personally, i guarantee you 3 days of active engagement.
Wednesday 19:00 - 22:00 ServerTime (raid night)
Thursday 19:00 - 22:00 ServerTime (raid night)
Sunday 19:00 - 20:00 ServerTime (PVP/ Rated BGs for fun. Not hardcore push)
Sunday 20:00 - 22:00 ServerTime(M+ runs for weekly chests)
Events are fun with good people, but they are a lot more fun with voice communication, so Discord will be a must have to participate in my events.

What now?
If you are slightly intrigued from what i expressed here in this topic, i welcome you to reach me ingame under my newfounded character Dexhyperr (Alliance gnome warlock) , or through bnet app, Afterspace#1547
The guild does not exist yet, because i dont want to go out and beg people for signatures, i have all the time in the world to wait for real people to sign up for this idea, for this team.

This post was about creating an epic team, Alliance team, called Townsfolk EU. So if interested, hit me up :smiley:

Thank you very much for reading all of this, if you are not interested in this but might know someone who might be, please redirect them to this post.

For everyone who likes the idea but is not in a position to change guilds for whatever reason, I welcome you to hang out on our discord so we can meetup and play together whenever we’re on.

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