For Mistweaver, Dragonflight will be:

The third expansion with a GCD on Soothing Mist.
The fourth expansion without Chi, stances and Mana Tea.

I miss enjoying the game so much.


Yes, same playstyle as for last 7 years. I don’t expect significant changes. According to talent trees introduced for other classes I predict covenant abilities as last tier talents, and Faeline stomp and Ancient teachings as midtier talents. And choice between utility and damage in ‘monk’ tree, so monk will lose some buttons by the end.

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The 5th expansion i will be massivly declined by LFG

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I have to point out that I thought this but it turned out that soothing mist has always had a GCD even in MoP and Wod. But back then when channelling soothing mist it used to cancel the GCD of enveloping mist and effuse (when it was called effuse). So it felt like soothing mist had no GCD but it was the other spells GCD it was cancelling.

I wish mw would go back to this, they really can’t survive as well in pvp witout it. Unless you bring back all the azerite traits and versatility corruptions that kept mw alive in BFA.

well you got instant vivify without channeling. it is good as emergency heal when you fear to be interrupted. Of course it heals much less than if you would channel as well

Sheilun’s gift was really neat too. And Mistwalk.

Everything is gone.

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i still remeber the day when i got MOP beta key and i played Mistweaver for 6 hole months on beta the monk was so fun to play back then now days it is not even close :frowning:

I don’t understand something…

For Mistweaver, we want to offer support for both the caster and melee playstyles while maintaining a variety of choices for both builds. We also wanted to take a look at Mistweaver’s multi-target damage profile through returning and new talents such as Zen Pulse and Ancient Concordance.

So I can see the melee stayle and to be honest BIG CLAP! but where is the viable caster build version… outside PVP I cannot see any option to play as a caster. Because the melee build is 100% better.

As a caster MW, we have 0 DPS (we need to stop healing to do dmg) also the melee can do it better. Yes we have zen pluse but hey… the melee too.

I think would be nice to have the Vivfi Torghats anima which one do dmg around the target or something unique for a caster build which one the melees cannot choose… otherwise the current build looks zero viable to be a caster MW vs the melee MW in PVE.

I mean you can play it but people is going to kick you out when you start doing less dps than a pet!

Another thing in the current WOW 2022 it is very hard TO NOT MOVE… so soothing mist is meh if we stop casting it when we move. We have a lot of talents around this spell but… it is very hard to use in PVE. Even in PVP without anti cc protection.

Which wasn’t a problem before BFA because there was no GCD on it so you could use it as a way to make all spells instant casts without needing to wait 1,5 sec after the channel had started.

Purely based on PvP, im gonna like playing MW a lot on DF. Im actually pretty hyped. Just look at all the extra tools we getting!

Have only alted MW in SL, but I’m probably gonna main it in DF

Take a quick look at the spells I’ve linked in the OP to see what you’ve lost.

Its called Corrosive Dosage and I totally agree - and MW were begging for this to be part of the S3 Tier sets but alas all for naught, Blizzard would not listen. Doubt they would even consider this for DF either

They just keep giving us stuff for Essence Font as if it was going to make me use the spell someday lol.

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