For the love of God and all that is unholy! Paid XFER

With AV queue going from 30 mins to 1 hour +, please for the love of God open up paid faction change services.

Some people moaned about premade, i didn’t, I just want to PvP, in a BG! I don’t really care about ranking. I’m rank 5, I’m not 7+ and wanting to do premade BG’s. I want to log on for an hour and do a few BG’s then log back off.

This is the story of a lot of people. I have more money than time, i could reroll and i could join BG’s again in 6 months when I hit 60 again on an Alliance character. I want to spend my money on Blizzard Paid services to have fun.

Since realm transfers came out, please make Xfaction a thing. (sorry shammy and pala!). Lets get some numbers balanced.

It can’t be fun for alliance either surely?

Oh yay, yet another thread on this.


You wont understand, you are not in a 1 hour queue to do the thing you love.

There will be a lot of topics on this, because its a proper mess up.

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No, you’re another spammer. You need to read the forum rules.

turns out by the rules below I’m not. But by stating “Oh yay, yet another thread on this.”… if you have put this on other posts, you are spamming. Please delete your spam post. Thank you.

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I was talking about this bit.

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Ah OK, yes, I can’t see that in the code of conduct.

Anyway, if there’s loads of topics then blizzard can count them, work out how much they can $$$ on Faction Changes and implement to make money and appease the populace. It does not negatively affect anyone who does not wish to pay for such services.

But personally, I’m not spamming. I created 1 post with 1 topic. You are certainly creating unrest though sarcastic, non-constructive posts and accusations. If you can kindly refrain from such behaviour in this and other topics, the community will thank you. Sarcasm is best left in your head :slight_smile:

I mean there are 5 topics just at the top of the general discussion for classic that you could have posted in to agree with.

Just a warning for next time. It gets a bit stale to see the same topics regurgitated over and over again, nothing personal.

Spamming isn’t just one person making all the threads, it’s about the number of threads on the same subject.

Limiting my posting is not something you can do, and as long as I point out the spam and trolling in these forums without resorting to being rude I am allowed to.

No, it just clogs up the forums with the same topic over and over again.

Getting back on topic, the short answer is no.

I’ll elaborate a bit more on some of your points:

It does affect negatively paladins and shamans that’d like to faction transfer.
You want to transfer to Alliance because of queue times? What if you played shaman? You’d still want to transfer, right?

A paid faction change should be possible for EVERYONE who wishes to do so. The fact that shamans and paladins can’t do that already excludes all that.

I’m in the same boat as you, I have like 2hr/day to play, and the options are all there:
-reroll Alliance, level up again, and do BGs with no queue
-manage better the queue times: for example, use a remote desktop controller (you can find plenty of them for mobile too), and put yourself in queue 20-30 mins before you get home. And if you can’t, just put yourself in queue as soon as you log in, then go do something else in-game.
-do something else (pve content, farming, wpvp etc…)
-if really can’t wait to do BGs, retail has the same BGs and more, and the queue times are 10 times better there for various reasons

And lastly, going a bit offtopic:

It is when you are writing a new thread with the same topic of another one.
Why don’t you just write in that other thread in the first place? (it gets bumped to the top too, ready to be read!)

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