For those thinking of leaving Flamelash

Consider Dragonfang! I know the vast majority of you would be considering Earthshaker however Dragonfang still has a great community and is far more vanilla-like than any of the other transfer servers. World boss contention is still up for grabs (other than one alliance guild), along with easy Scarab Lord contention. The balance on this server is pretty good at around 55:45, however we would definitely love some PvP oriented horde to get a perfect balance.

If this sounds like something you’ll be interested in feel free to drop into our server discord, we recently had a 100+ member guild transfer from Gandling so for any guilds that have any questions they can give their opinions


If you like the sound of killing someone in world pvp, and having a 50% chance they will be trash talking you on the server discord moments later, Dramafang is the server for you.


Transferred from Golemagg Horde to Dragonfang.

Happy with the decision overall for these reasons:

  • Found a raiding guild and community straight away to clear Ony/MC each week.
  • Can actually farm out in the world
  • Theres PvP but its not raid PvP, you actually get small nice skirmishes
  • The server feels more vanilla like, where as Golemagg almost felt like retail (so many people that the anonymity came back)

Feel like true vanilla experience when compared to the mega servers, you can also recognise people in the world and on the active discord server. A nice way to play the game, where you can do your reagent farm and still have a good chance to pvp in a realistic fashion.
Good fun community would re roll to again 10/10

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We thought of dragonfang. I like smaller servers, but we chose bloodfang. Its big but smaller than earthshaker which worked for us. I hope you find a good balance between the factions for good pvp in brm!


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