Forbidden chat flamming

Hello there. I am fury warrior duing raids with a guild that kinda likes me to a certain extent. The problem is that Rasselcrow from Soild Core guild began flamming in LFG channel that I had been leaving UBRS at Jed/Rend when doing full run. This is forbidden. I might have left 2, 3 times for IRL issues, but I do almost always the whole dungeon. He also told me “server is small and you have no honor”. Sound like a rumor. I want a feedback from you guys if I really have no honor in this server and bad reputation just because… look… I seriously don’t care!! Furthermore it’s just a game and then I if I have bad rep on Stonespine I will just change server. I am not one of the most skilled players but I don’t deserve rumors. Rasselcrow - just read what I tell ya - YOU are the one that has no honor. How could you ever flame a character in LFG. only children do that.I didn’t write a ticket to GMs cause might feel sorry about you being suspended in the game

Dud better type to stonespine discord
Nobody sits on stonespine forum literally

Ok thanks for the advice

Np!(10 characters) By the way delete nickname from the post, it’s bannable on forum. Feel free to talk in discord

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