Forced to use a VPN

Hey everyone. Hope you’re doing great. This will be a long post, sorry in advance.
It’s been a while since Shadowlands has come out and I’m genuinely disappointed. Ever since the expansion’s launch, players like me who are from Iran and are playing from here cannot go through a loading screen and will get stuck there unless we log with a VPN turned on.
There have been other posts about this that ended up with next to no response… And Blizzard is just saying that there is no problem on their end and that we have to contact our ISP and such.
This is NOT from our side. People like myself have been playing this game on official retail servers with the same internet for years and have had no issues until the SL release. We’ve checked different ISPs, contacted them, and nothing came of it. The problem is not on their/our end.
All of us have tried every single “fix” for this problem but none of them work. CLEARLY this on Blizzard’s end and I genuinely don’t want to keep playing this game with a VPN. I love pvp and using a VPN seriously puts me behind on stuff like fake casting, interrupts and etc.
I don’t know if this post will get achieve anything but I know there’s a really big community out there consisting of Iranians that just want to play the game normally. We already suffer through the sanctions and can’t actually purchase anything properly from the shop and now we can’t even connect to the game properly.
I hope this post will achieve at least SOMETHING.



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