Forget about this post

Had to make a DH rage thread after playing 2v2, now I’m calmed down


Something I see a lot this days on stream or when I play myself, a lot of dh seems to use blur on cd and still never dies xD

Yeah, most streamer healers play with DH+DK when they push.

But yeah, DH is designed for 5 year olds to have a moment of success once in a life time. Basically 2.2k as DH = 1.6k as any other class.


Yes please, i want to play something else than guardian druid in openworld

Not possible when all my encounters are dhs

Mostly DH on top ratings. I’m more than ready to say that DK is really braindead and also strong currently, but DH is on a whole nother level of stupid.


DK is beatable however. DH is just stupid op with way too many tools and way too much damage. It’s literally idiot proof.

no worry dh’s will be able to prove their skill further in the 2v2 GCDTV tourney !

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