Former EU Community Manager Receives In-Game Tribute

I think Kaivax really deserve to be there too, sweet for Aerithlea !

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No… just your (lack of) maturity.

They said it about Overwatch, not sure about Warcraft.

Funny cause they said they will not gonna do something like that again :smiley:

Can we get a fat Bobby on a yacht trying to count all his money in our next expansion?

Creating/ managing a toxic working environment pays off. Remember the layoffs in France? Lmao.

The Welcome pinned post in this very forum was written by Aerythlea


I’d rather see them add him as a Kultiran who’s walking around the Darkmoon Faire sweeping up trash off the ground (put the ground clutter on highest setting and look down). If you do /chicken at him he’ll cower. Call him Bob the Trashman. :wink:

Oh. Sorry mr “Im a 60-year-old lonely grouch” gnome. Im sad that no one has ever sexually harassed you.

Pretty sure they said it about Warcraft, and they also removed a whole ton of personal references and said there’d be more changes to come and then, just as abruptly, they stopped. And now this.

Maybe the hysteria has died down a bit? Who knows.

I’m not so sure, and no one seems to be able to find it.

It’s possible it was said and I missed it ofc. However I’ve only actually ever seen it said about OW.

I think it’s fantastic they’ve done this.

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Very nice! she was always helpful. im happy about that


Just so we’re on the same page, I don’t have a problem with her being added either if I’d seen it before all this hullabaloo.

I can’t find it either, I’m just so sure. I must be wrong. As I said at the time though, I’m really sad about the whole ordeal because I think a lot of innocent people have been caught in the crossfire - and of course I’m sad that those employees behaved like that obviously.


That is quite a nice one :purple_heart:


I’m not implying you have an issue with Aerythlea being added, I’d be surprised if anyone actually had an issue with a good CM being represented in game.

It may have been that one of the news sites reported it as Blizzard does bla rather than Overwatch specifically.

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It really shows how Silvermoon needs an update though, when you go and visit.

Not been there in ages.

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I don’t have any blood elf except on the tournament realm. I have never been in silvermoon :sweat_smile:

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I love the whole Blood Elf Aesthetic. It’s so beautiful.


Loads of WoW needs an update frankly…

Pretty much everything released before MoP needs a visual overhaul.

The lighting engine and all textures could use physically based rendering as well.

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No, there has been at least one other that I can think of, and not as nice. Blizzard haven’t really been clear or consistent about this - probably an effect of many people with different views not bring brought into line with a single clear policy by the senior management.

The true question now is that if her character look anything closely like Aerithlea ?