Forsaken Gilnean

Any advice on RPing a Forsaken Gilnean? And now that there’s cross faction guilds, could that be a way of creating a guild with both worgen and forsaken gilneans as friends?

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Oof! First impression; that might be a challenge :nerd_face:

My own (Gilnean) worgen characters dislike - to put it mildly - the Forsaken, for invading our homeland, making us a people without a nation.

Even my worgen death knight doesn’t trust the Forsaken, truce or no truce.

That being said, such RP could probably be quite interesting if you pull it off well! :grinning:


I imagine such a fellow might be torn, metaphorically speaking. Let’s say your OC was north of the border when the undead plague hit…he would’ve been outside the wall. His old life back in Gilneas would have been cut off for years. Then, of course, the invasion happened. Your OC would have many painful choices to make.

Perhaps that could inspire you a bit? Your Gilnean Forsaken would never find true solutions to the problems in his life…just different options, and each option would leave a different set of wants/needs unfulfilled.

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It is a possibility but first you gotta find a Gilnean group who approves of the Undead, which is a rare thing, and then from there, Worgen Gilnean are commonly more open than Human Gilneans.

And from there, as a proud Gilnean, you would experience existential crisis of being the exact same thing that was the doom of your kingdom.

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