Forsaken roleplay

So I made this handsome Forsaken fella.
I want to get into Forsaken roleplay and look for a FS guild.

New to Forsaken roleplay, completely.
Any pointers and tips will be helpful.

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Hand of Agony, Ebon Onslaught, The Rotgarde will be worth checking out - I’m sure there are other guilds which I’m not familiar with or don’t have a strong presence on the forums. Fealty to the Grave, which is Death Knight oriented, exists, but I’m not certain if it’s still active.
Much of it depends on the character you’ve built, but these are worth looking at if you’re getting a feel for it - if your character has any loyalties to the Ebon Blade, how loyal they are to Sylvanas, and so on. That’ll inevitably shape the kind of place you end up in.
There’s a number of guilds which accept forsaken but aren’t forsaken exclusive.

I’m sure if you leave any questions or points you need help with in particular in this thread, people will be happy to help you out.


I can highly recommend the Rotgarde, joined them more than half a year ago and it’s been the best RP I’ve had. Couldn’t have made a better choice than that, to be honest.


For Forsaken RP you got Hand of Agony and the Meme(rot)garde, they’re both alright. For DK specific RP, as Takki mentioned, there is the Ebon Onslaught.

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Accept no alternatives


I only see one guild here…


Yo heard about that Rotgarde guild, but they seem pretty chill. Just vibing and all that. Grim Gest tho? Also chill. But they don’t vibe the same way the Rotgarde do. I’d say go for the Rotgarde.


If you’re looking for Forsaken in particular, then Ebon Onslaught is probably not for you.

If you’re down with ebon blade shenanigans though, hit us up any time.

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how did i not notice i listed ebon onslaught three times

how was i so foolish


you damned… fool…


Avast, seeing-glasses related tom foolery aside, there is indeed no finer branch of her majestys armed forces than the grasp.

Jorrick or his officers be the ones to seek if ye’ wish to chart a course to the 'Hand of Agony.

We have everything a fine Forsaken such as ye’ self could wish for! Including a geist. Incidently but not entirely related, try not to be feeding the Piv! Thats how we lost the last recruit(s).

Now… can any of ye’ point me in the direction of Brewfest? I had an accident and by pure chance drank a hundred jars o’volatile rum on pirates day, an’ seem to of blacked out. Mistakes were made, time was lost, unleash the brew!

:skull_and_crossbones: :beers: :crossed_swords:


Could also try Grim Gest.

Or as Kump likes to call them…
prepares for disappointing build up…

Grim… Gang…?

They’re not purely Forsaken but… I quite like 'em.


Not a Forsaken RPer, but we’ve had encounters with Hand of Agony and they’re always a blast to fight against, hope to see you with them, and then see you on the battlefield :^)

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yeah. the rotgarde is the best forsaken guild out there, and is the only really viable choice in terms of forsaken rp. if you level up a bit more, you’re more than welcome to join us. :slight_smile:


Part of the @GAAAANG, part of the Grim Gang :clown_face:



Rotgarde and Grim Gest are indeed good choices. :slight_smile:


We’d be happy to take you, buddy!

As my friend above so beautifully put it:

yeah. the hand of agony is the best forsaken guild out there, and is the only really viable choice in terms of forsaken rp

Best of luck xoxo


the right honourable gentleman appears to have misquoted my post. i believe he means the rotgarde



Haha yeah I agree :slight_smile: