Hello! This is a discord server for all the Forsaken roleplayers that accepts everyone despite your char beliefs, allegiance, guild/guildless, alignment etc. Useful to organize or know about events, discuss lore and know more about Forsaken daily habits.

We also offer an IC channel for roleplay that everyone can use to tell stories, send letters, reports…
An awesome art channel with mind blowing artworks, and a very friendly community you can chat with.

If you join, you’ll be expected to stick to the following guidelines:

  • You’re not allowed to OOC in /say, /yell, /emote nor #ic_channel. Brackets are NOT allowed! (even if you’re hanging around Zuldazar or alone flying high in the sky etc)
  • No ERP
  • No topics that can bring bad vibe to the discord chat.

We are looking to have more officers, must play on an NA live ,NA classic, or EU classic server. PM me if interested.

Bumping this with my forbidden powers.

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