Forum ban, why?

I opened a ticket to ask why I had been banned when these new forums came in to play. I was advised that due to a previous account ban, FIVE YEARS AGO, that my account was now being prevented from posting on the forums, even though ti was a new account!

Until these new forums came along, I was able to post fine, now the muppet GM tells me that bans are account wide, since when? He won’t tell me that? If they were account wide, why did he remove my ban to let me post?

I’ve also been told that due to having no “active” subscription, I can’t post, even though I paid for game time and have an active account!

Even with no game time or active subscription, I’ve always been able to post on selected forums so i’d like an answer to a few questions.

  1. Why was my account banned from the new forums?
  2. Why am I being told I need an active subscription to post?
  3. why is my new account, being punished in the same way as my old account?
  4. Why are GM’s telling me different stories?

Answers on a post card.

The only postcard answer I can give you is this one.

Forum guidelines

Forum bans: have you re-read the Code of Conduct and the ban explanation, and are still convinced you did not break the rules (that badly)? Feel free to contact us about it here , but keep in mind that it’s no guarantee the ban will be overturned.

The staff on this forum cannot overturn or intercede I am afraid, It is a matter for the community team so you would be best to appeal or ask such questions via the links above.

That said, banned forum accounts cannot normally post at all, even on customer support, are you sure it’s not a case that many have had (myself included) where the forum is a little borked.

Couple of things you can try:-

  • Make sure you are logged out of the OLD forums.

  • Change your Bnet password and log back into the new forums and try again.

The new forum software probably integrates differently on how administration systems may work.

Also not exactly helpful if you call them that name. Just advice!

I take it you have tried posting on other characters, when I first started on the forums I couldn’t post on Dottie but after a while it fixed itself.

The point I am trying to make Shammoz is that this is a new account, it has no penalties on it but one GM is telling me that it’s banned due to my other account being banned, hence “account wide”. I know this to be untrue, as I have stated previously, I have been able to post on the account right up until these new forums came online.

It’s not advice that I am looking for pal, it’s answers but thanks for your words of wisdom anyway.

Yes I have and still no luck.

My frustration here is stemming from the fact that GM’s are giving me conflicting information with regards to the bans etc. I’ve had two tell me it’s banned and two tell me it’s not banned. When I tried to reply to this post last night, I couldn’t as I didnt have the option to post or reply so I opened another ticket only to be told, again, no ban was in place and to use another character.

Sometimes support goes with automatic standart answers. Wait a bit and should fix it may be. I have the same issue as Dottie, when come to new forum for first time, “Reply” option miss on most forum sections, except Support I think. Have active sub and no ban, so may be it’s new forum stuff.