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I’ve decided, that I want to transfer from horde to alliance and I’d like to continue mythic raiding mainly going for Cutting Edge. I’m mostly looking for a raidspot for the upcoming new raid Azshara’s Eternal Palace on either Ravencrest or Silvermoon.

About me:
I’ve played WoW since end of 2008. Since then I’ve been raiding normal and heroic casually up until Legion when I got into Mythic raiding. I’ve got CE Emerald Nightmare and Antorus, I also have “the Chosen” title from ToV. In Nighthold I only achieved Curve and in Tomb 5/9 M. In BFA so far I have 5/8 M Uldir and 6/9 M BoD.

What am I looking for?
I’m looking for a mythic raiding guild with a friendly and active community that tries to achieve Cutting Edge each tier and having FUN while doing so! Also it is quite important that there are activities outside of raids like regular M+ or alt raids and other things. There is nothing worse, when you log in, on a non-raid day in the evening and apart from you there are only 3 people online.

What do I offer?

  • Highly active
  • Focus during raids
  • Good attendance
  • I’m not afraid calling out if I do a mistake nor am I afraid of receiving critique
  • Don’t mind getting benched, I do understand that sometimes some classes are stronger on some bosses than mine as long as I get to kill the boss once it’s on farm
  • Keeping up to date with my class and spec knowledge
  • Trying to improve where needed
  • And I’d say I’m a nice and friendly person who likes to have fun and banter, tho I’m also a bit shy sometimes :blush:

Thanks for reading, hoping to find a new home soon! <3


Hi Annoyix,

I know you mention only Ravencrest or Silvermoon, however if you are willing to realm transfer then it sounds like we would be a good fit for you.

You can check out our full recruitment post bellow.

Contact me on:

Discord: Krathe#3304

BattleTag: Krathe#2321


Hi there.

I know that you have mentioned that you would prefer Ravencrest or Silvermoon, however I wonder if perhaps my 8/9M guild would be something of interest? I would be happy to have a chat with you via btag - ileynaprime#2503

*Current guild post [A] <Prime> Defias Brotherhood - Blue Team [8/9M] - LF DPS *



My guild has just moved to Ravencrest and we are 6/9M recruiting ranged DPS

Here’s the current post

Please contact me on Megnog#2217 if you’re interested :slight_smile:



We are a guild on Ravencrest that are currently on 7/9M.

We raid two nights a week on Wednesday and Sunday from 20:00-0:00.
Our guild consists of an age range of 26-38, so we are mostly mature players.
Seeing your post and dedication it is possible you might be looking for a 3 evening raid guild. But I’ll be glad to chat with you and let you have a look at our guild and raids.

Upcoming week will be the first time where we will extend Mythic BoD to progress on Stormwall Blockade Mythic.

If you are interested feel free to add Saeled#2123 or whisper any guildmember ingame.


Good evening! Retro is a late night raiding guild on Silvermoon. We are currently 8/9M. If you have time for a chat, poke me in game (Mimilini#2217) or Discord (Mimilini#1820).


Sorry, I forgot to reply here. I’ve found my new guild already, thanks for the offers tho.