FPS Drops in combat. Game is basically unplayable

It was pretty stable before the recent patch now I’m getting massive FPS drops in combat to the point where even basic questing is torture. Any kind of serious content is out of the question.

Seems to be worse on certain classes. Paladin was quite a lot worse than DH, maybe due to more particle effects?

That said, when I tried turning-down all the graphics to lowest, it arguably made the FPS drops worse!

Tried turning off sound, disabling all mods, updating my drivers etc. This is 100% an issue with the game itself.

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Hi , I actually had the same issue, but before the latest patch?! More exactly, since Dragonflight oficially launched.

Info: I am a laptop user and i have an older modell with Gtx965m video card.

But somehow the latest patch fixed my insane fps drop and lag spikes.

Hopefully in the near future they release a patch that offers balance between laptop and PC setups… :confused:

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