FPS issues

Hey Guys.

I’ve had a gaming laptop for about 9 months and it has been great. I was playing classic on ultra settings and I can even play other games like Doom on ultra settings . I’m sure I’ve played some retail at the beginning and could operate at max settings. I’ve been getting back into retail with the release of shadowlands and it’s been really fun, however, I’ve I had to drop my settings down to 2/10 to get +45 FPS which is confusing and annoying.

The details for the laptop are…
Intel i7 9750H
Everything installed on a 500 GB SSD.

All good stuff I feel but I’m not sure with retail as I don’t have much experience with it recently. On a side note my brother has a laptop with an i5 processor and Geforce GTX 1050 graphics card yet gets better performance than I do (Claims he gets ultra settings in shadowlands)

I tried updating my graphics drivers but no luck :frowning:

Should these specs be operating at 2/10 to get +45 FPS? Is there anything I should do to troubleshoot the issue?

Thanks guys, you da best

What’s the temps? Could be that the inside needs cleaning which for laptops means taking off the bottom and getting at said parts to blow the dust out. No easy feat in itself.

Thats why cause’ of your Ram(s) is it too low how much MHZ your ram has? and whats the assignment? i mean 2x4gb 4x2gb 1x8gb ?
The best u can do is 2x8Gb of rams and minimum 2400mhz this would solve all of your problems ^^ :heart:

If other games perform and WoW does not then it’s not a hardware configuration issue. Also most 9-th gen laptops will be sold with 2933 MHz RAM which is more than fine for those chips, plus it’s not Ryzen.

It should go way more. Things to check

  • In WoW settings check which GPU it’s using - sometimes it may select iGPU instead of Nvidia dGPU.
  • Addons - remove all addons and check if it helps (some old/broken addons can cause such problems)
  • Driver conflict - run latencymon, then start WoW, when the FPS gets poor alt-tab to latencymon and check if it indicates any problems. If so (Nvidia conflict) you will have to uninstall Nvidia driver with DDU, update laptop drivers (like audio) and then re-install Nvidia drivers from scratch
  • SSD getting close to full? (less likely but you never know…)
  • And as mentioned - temperatures causing throttling,

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