FPS spikes with pet out

Also getting this problem. I stopped playing around 9 months ago, was told it was a known issue back then. Started today, fresh windows, no addons, fresh wow and it instantly started when I logged in.

It is definitely a stat changing issue with the pet. A way to test it easily is to remove all your proc effect items(azerite, enchants, trinkets etc) and hit a target dummy with a ferocity pet out. You should see smooth gameplay, no stutters etc. Now cast bloodlust/primal rage, a second or 2 after you gain the effect you’ll get a stutter, now cancel the buff, another stutter.

Now imagine it with something like the Gigavolt trinket changing stats every 2 seconds in combination with Unstable flames which procs very often and a whole load of other enchants/azerite, buffs, debuffs etc and it becomes a mess in a raid or pvp environment

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This is still broken, huh.

Still broken, exactly the issue being described…


Same problem.

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still having this issue in dragonflight :smiley: gg blizz

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Necromancy may be fun in Diablo, but not in our forums.