FPS Spikes

Hi everyone,

I’m kinda noobish at pc hardware but i’ll give it a try.
I’ve been having serious fps issues since the latest reset where my fps goes from the normal 60 down to 11-20 something. This happens to me about 2-3 times a minute and is pretty damn annoying. I’ve tried disabling all my addons. Tried to go for optimal performance settings wich increased fps to 140 something but the down spikes still stand.

I have:
GeForce GTX 1060
Intel Core i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz
15.85 GB RAM

I’ve never had an issue in BFA playing the game on 7-8 something. Maybe FPS dropped a little bit in big raids but still playable. Now its 11-20 something as soon as the enemies show up in arena.

I understand that shadowlands has higher demands but still the game is unplayable on the lowest setting.

Any ideas?

Did you updated Nvidia driver recently (there was a new release)?

Things to check:

  • CPU/GPU temperatures - are they getting hot?
  • if you have a SSD - is it getting close to full?
  • Nvidia driver or some Windows app (like wallpaper switcher) may conflict with other drivers - either some app will use a lot of resources (visible in Windows task manager) or latencymon will show latency problems due to Nvidia driver conflict.

New Expansion/higher player count would be MY first thought… depends how long you’ve played as to whether you’re likely to have seen it before.

It’s running at 80˚ something when playing. Im gonna do à fan clearing and a complete reset of the pc (was about time anyway). At what setting do you think i should be able to play with my specs?

Should handle mode 7 1080p without much problem I would say. If it’s to much for the GPU then you can drop it to like 4. You can use like HwInfo or MSI afterburner to watch GPU and CPU clocks and see if they don’t drop a lot when the FPS drop occurs (from heat or from laptop battery saving etc).

Turn off anything that has overlays on, such as nvidia gamer overlay and xbox overlay as Shadowlands really doesn’t like it and can cause local lag spikes here and there. Anything that uses overlays should get disabled.

i have similiar GPU GTX 1070 GAMING X but paired with I7 8700k i play Ultra everything MSAA 8X only thing i lower is from 10 10 10 i put 9 9 9 and even in cities its OK i think wow is more about CPU.

For the 90% part it is the CPU :slight_smile:

True i guess something like GTX 750 or 660 is really outdated even for shadowlands. But i know many people running GTX 960 just fine with decent CPU.

WoW can run even on integrated graphics. The benefit is that you can set how high GPU needs the game have with the mode slider. For CPU there is no such option and either the CPU can handle given combat/event or not and the FPS will be much lower.

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