Free Character Migration Please (nvm is ment for TBC classic)

As it stands, Bloodfang is pretty dead.
Auctionhouse prices are rediculously high, and the auctionhouse is pretty empty.
So… I`ld like to petition for free character migration to what ever else realm to make sure that the game remains fun to play.
The Looking For Group channel is pretty deserted.

Edit: Or; allowing other realms to freely transfer to Bloodfang, obviously also would be cool! :slight_smile:

Thanks in Advance for Your Time and Energy!

(By the looks of it, this forum is equaly dead :p).

I see that on IF stats it shows 25 ppl serverwide. I cant get group for anything.

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Free Migrations at last.
I Hope You`ll have better luck finding groups, where ever Your free transfer may lead You! :slight_smile:

A Big Thank You to Activision Blizzard!
The way Blizzard Values Costumers has always bin of the Highest Standard…
Good to See that Activision continues at the same level.
Much Appreciated!

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