Free Character Transfer not listing any realms

Im trying to transfer my warlock from Mograine to another server but the realm list is empty.

Ive chosen my warlock, checked the “Realm Transfer” box but no realms comes up in the list. But if I use the paid transfer everything seems to be ok, I can see all the realms in a list and search for them.

Is there a known issue at the moment or whats up?

Mograine’s outgoing FCM has just been shut down less then 1 hour ago:

Remember that all FCM’s can end at any time without notice. If you have plans to transfer when a FCM opens you should make use of it promptly whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Haha great timing!

I just resubscribed to start playing for wotlk so I havent been following the transfer schedule.
Thanks for your quick answer though.

Character transfers are broken for me. Both paid and free.

Nearly a 2k Queue, they should re open free transfers maybe…

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