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Hello Blizzard Stuff,
I wanted to take the free transfer from Gehannes to Earthshaker, but had to work last 2 weeks and when I got home queues were at 5000+, so I thought as long as the issue is there, the transfer will be open.
So my character always had post in the inbox and I coudnt migrate. Now its closed. Will it be reopend or is there an other way?


Try contacting the support explaining your situation. Maybe they can help.


Hah, try being in my situation.

I finally decided enough was enough and i could no longer arrange IRL around queue times. So i attempted to log in - 7k queue. I transferred my low level alts and waited until after midnight to finally get online.

I got online, opened my mail and disbanded the 150+ member guild i was the leader of. As the queue was no longer present i could not initiate a server transfer so that my character could join my lower level alts with all my spare bags etc on.
The shop icon was not present in the login screen either which i thought was strange.

So i logged in this evening hoping to hit the queue so that i would see the option to server transfer… only to find it is no longer possible.

I just disbanded my damn guild and lost all my spare items and now i cant play my character on the server that my friend is on or my alts, or my guild mates because i disbanded the guild and no longer have a way to see who they are.

Queues have plagued and screwed me for the past couple weeks, and when i finally decide to put an end to it… i get screwed further.

Im about done with classic now. I dont have the time nor will power to start from level 1 again and delete my lvl 40 that is now useless to me -.-


if only blizzard told us to do it asap… oh wait they did


It seems you will get your chance again

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