Free Character Transfers Available from Firemaw

Wait what?!?! “Wether we need to take additional steps there”?!?!?!
Of course you need to take additional steps here…

Yes. Playing on Firemaw is untenable atm. But so is moving to the realms you are allowing free transfers too… Also… I’ve allready payed for my transfers (multiple characters) not moving to a dead realm for free just to have to pay to transfer off it once more…

You are doing a properly terrible job of managing your servers. And it is affecting your customers in a very serious manner (not being able to enjoy the product they pay you to deliver.)


Where exactly am I meant to move exactly?

The only option for alliance players is earthshaker…
And it’s literally a pve server as there’s like no horde…
Unless the alliance make a massive arrangement with thousands of players to join another, nobody is going to transfer off.

This response is totally out of touch with reality.

Please explain why Firemaw had 11 layers when TBC launched and now only has 4.

US Benediction has 11 layers, we have 4. EXPLAIN.

9:59 AM server time: Firemaw has 4 active layers, and of course there is no “queue pressure” at this hour. So your claim is a flat out LIE Kaivax. Clearly the number of layers is fixed to 4, since they are already all active in the morning, when the amount of active players is at its lowest.


Don’t know about you guys, but I personally can live without ability to gank at meeting stones in exchange for queueless megaserver. All regular PvP activities are available regardless of the server you play on due to cross-realm feature for PvP content.

That being said, Eartshaker has the potential of becoming Alliance version of Gehennas. Massive cluster migration on Alliance side from Firemaw to Eartshaker is a possible remedy to population on both servers. Firemaw would be without queues, Eartshaker would become a megaserver. Win, win.

Blizzard is useless, we have only three real options that we can do by ourselves:

  1. play on a dead realm
  2. queues
  3. create another megaserver

Is faction balance on Firemaw really worth the queues? Think about it.


Also, allow horde to transfer to Gehennas, else they won’t move.

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they finally released the pressure valve. time to resub and let the cycle continue!

So exactly like it was on Mograine before it became a dead server? Do you understand what guarantees mean?


If the current trend continues, it is quite likely that there will only likely be 4 viable English “PVP” servers left by the time WOTLK hits, Firemaw, Gehennas, Golemagg and Earthshaker.

The balance of Alliance vs Horde will likely shift to having 2 predominantly Alliance servers, Firemaw/Earthshaker vs 2 Horde ones, Gehennas/Golemagg, you can see it taking shape already.


Hey guys, Blizzard here. First off we want to thank everybody that paid us 25 euro per character to transfer off your dead realm to the only server left for Alliance players but now we have noticed a decrease in server transfer revenue (possibly due to everyone already migrated their characters) so we figured it’s time for you all to go back to the server that you originated from.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope to see you in Azeroth (in one of the dead realms, not Firemaw)



This is absolutely ridiculous. You speak of “hardware limitations” but you have 16 dead servers (ON EU) held open for wallet whales and bots to freely use to line their pockets and get a step ahead of everyone else. Some of us have made these moves multiple times and refuse to do it again. Id rather hit “cancel sub” before i hit “char transfer” again. You are out of touch with this community.


who is shocked? not me. unpopular opinion its totally everyones fault that we’re in this situation. blizzard is simply capitalizing on a great gold mine.

what were you expecting when you decided to infiltrate a single realm with the rest of entire population of the EU playerbase? infinite layers and no queues?

you did that knowing full well blizzard has a track record of neglecting its playerbase. you paid the transfer fee knowing full well that blizz is what they are today.

Why not increase server capacity? Would that defeat the purpose of paid character transfer?


Sorry blizz I am going to stay on Firemaw :slight_smile:


A very poor response fed down from incompetent leadership

The root of the problem: There’s so many people on Firemaw we have a intolerable queue with no end in sight

The cause of the problem: Blizzard allowed paid character transfers, leading to some moving to the most populated server; this snow-balled over the course of 1.5 years until other servers started having their life leeched by this and eventually died

The actual problem: You have a server of refugees who paid to be there, after Blizzard’s mis-management watched the cash roll in while their server died. These people then felt forced to pay to go to the “only viable server”. Now moving off risks seeing the exact same problem re-occuring to us and we have to pay to get back on Firemaw

The actual solution: Guarantee us if we leave Firemaw, and our server dies that because we were on Firemaw (or even limit this to those of us who paid to come here) a free X-fer back to Firemaw any time we choose

I paid £75 for my 3 characters to come here from Zandalar Tribe after a steady decline caused by Blizzard’s mis-management; even when they opened up free xfers in December, they excluded ZT from this dispite it declining by 90% since TBC launch! I’m not risking having to pay it again, and I can’t in good conscience ask my guild to take this risk either (some of whom xferred more than 3 characters!)

You don’t need a technical solution; you don’t need a project manager, purchasing new kit and a team of 20 to implement over 6 months - just guarantee us we won’t end up on a dead server again and we’ll xfer today!!!


Apologies for my potential ignorance, im not a tech genius, nor do i claim to know much about these things…


My understanding is that there is a hardware limitation to this server, and servers seem to be able to carry what, up to say 20-25k players? You have 17 dead severs. And you utilize a way of “linking” servers. Why not move the database of each faction to alternative servers, Name is Firemaw-Alliance / Firemaw-Horde and link the servers, that way you get the community as well as split the huge congregation into a single server.

That way might also help the faction balance as each faction would run its on course of queues and then potentially balance out a mega server (faction wise) which is CLEARLY what a large majority of the playbase wants. A HEALTHY, POPULATED SERVER which they can ACTUALLY play.

Ive pulled my wallet out 3 times.

I am an alt-o-holic and have move 10 chars mid classic and another 7 mid TBC JUST to be able to recruit and run with friends.

I am in a dad guild who just want to enjoy our time together, a great community of friends who want to play, but a lot of us have a big focus on alts / alts progression / alts raiding etc and the option to “just move” to another server (with a low pop) is utterly disconnected.

Dont blame hardware when you leave 17 dead servers open in EU.

Shazzrah, Lucifron, Noggenfogger, Gandling, Zandalar Tribe, Skullflame, Hydroxian Waterlords, Bloodfang, Dragonfang, Finkle, Dreadmist, Stonespine, Flamelash, Heartstriker, Dragon’s Call, Ten Storms & Judgement!

For someone that has moved once before (and to a med pop server to avoid massive queues), watching that server DIE and force my hand to transfer again really hit home.

There are fixes to this, and should be your priority. Not telling us to just move to alleviate the problem. Very few are going to risk moving to a low/med pop server just to watch it die to have to pull out our wallet again!


Completely out of touch. You should be embarrassed with this response to the server issues. Queues starting at 16:00ST every day now.


Seriously just do server handovers and add them as new layers. There is no reason we should have queues. Your no changes went out of the window anyway, so don’t even start. Nobody is interested in playing on a dead server, and nobody is interested in leaving the most vibrant and fun server in the region, Firemaw. I’ve been on Firemaw since day 1 of classic, and 1. I see no reason why I should have to leave and 2. Completely understand the people who come here.

I’m telling you nicely, many people would rather quit the game than change servers.


Tonedeaf much?

What individual would risk switching from the biggest, most active server, to one that has 1/10 of the population thats on the verge of dying? Queues - death - Queues - death.

You would need to convince entire guilds. and thats not happening. they’re happy on a server with a large population to fill their ranks at will at any time.

/OH and btw, PAID Transfer TO Firemaw is still available (as of writing this).


You should have locked Firemaw months ago, you simply don’t care about your consumers, you neglect the community and it goes to show. Look at all these dying or 99% ratio servers you have, why haven’t you merged servers yet and done something for the community instead of letting it get to this level ?


They need to understand that they are the service providers, they have to accommodate for us, we’re not the ones who should have to accommodate for them.