Free Character Transfers Closing 17 December

On 28 November, we enabled the Free Character Transfer service for players who have characters on high population realms that were experiencing consistent, extended queues.

  • Free Character Transfers will be closed for all realms after 20:00 CET on Thursday, December 17.

We strongly suggest that any players who intend to use a Free Character Transfer do so as soon as possible. If this service is available on your realm, you’ll find it in the Services section of the Shop on your character selection screen for that realm.

It was brought up recently in the other transfer thread, but after todays update Kazzak still has more transfer options than the other realms, being able to transfer to high/full realms such as Ravencrest, Ragnaros and Argent Dawn, which are not available for Draenor/Silvermoon/etc.

It’s a bit unfair that Kazzak has more free transfer options for seemingly no reason.

Add free transfers or more realm connections for low pop servers instead!

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Please a reply to this before it’s too late?

This will stay without response but why are kazzak players able to change to ravencrest while others cannot ?

So ravencrest cant transfer chars? I’m just heard that and logged

Yeah… probably want to reopen this for kazzak.