Free Character Transfers Now Available For Some Realms

Just move to Stormscale horde.

… Did you bother reading the rest of the sentence?

It doesn’t make any sense to me. I have characters on both AD and Ravencrest, and it is 100% clear AD has more people on it, but somehow Ravencrest is still listed as full and AD as High.

AD is in fact two joined servers.

According to wowrealmpopulation, AD has 80k and Ravencrest 83k, and both have swapped population tier very recently so im guessing both have just went under/over numbers needed to be classed as full.

@Dottie Argent Dawn is the only RP realm that isnt merged with another.

Just tested this myself and yeah Kazzak has more transfer options then Draenor, even though Draenor seems to have the bigger population.

Definitely something that needs reported.

The free transfer from HYJAL (FR-EU) is already over??

I know im a bit late but what is the best server to transfer away from Draenor too?

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Horde is stormscale, alliance silvermoon, if you still can.

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Could you guys perhaps begin doing more server Connections again?? The Free Transfers didn’t help low-populated servers at all.


Can I transfer several chars from the Full server to the new one? I read somewhere it had a 72 h “cooldown” or does that not apply here?

The cooldown may apply if it’s the same character? But you should be able to transfer several characters at once. At least I did.

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Do it soon if you are going to, they may stop it early and then, you will come back and complain about it.

@Blaylock: You can move one, two or several characters (though you do have to initiate each move separately, there is no mass transfer as such). The cooldown only restricts any one individual character from transferring from realm to realm to realm to realm constantly.

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Can we still transfer characters from Draenor (EU) to Sanguino for free or is it already 25€?

Log into the game and see for yourself.

Or you could read the Blue post.

Please re-enable transfers from Hyjal (EU-FR), it lags so much

You should have left when you had the chance, if you had one that is.

I knew people would come here after the free transfers have ceased and ask for them to be active again. I think I even made a post here about it.

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