Free Character Transfers Coming to Burning Crusade Classic

Thanks for choosing to listen to the community. It took quite some time but we got there in the end. Now it will be interesting to see which servers will be chosen and if faction balance is considered.

For example - Dragon’s Call - 2k active Horde and 900 active Alliance. I just wish there was a (paid) “transfer up to 10 characters” option available to us.

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For those of you who are curious where you probably should transfer: PvP Horde: Gehennas. PvP Alliance: Firemaw. PvE Alliance: Pyrewood Village.

I would imagine this is for everyone on the lowest of the low servers like Flamelash, Judgement, Dragonfang, Skullflame, Dreadmist, Stonespine, Gandling and Bloodfang for English-EU

And then the alliance on 100% horde servers like Noggenfogger, Shazzrah and Razorgore should definitely be allowed to transfer

Mograine and Ashbringer look like good picks but you don’t want to ruin the balance of Ashbringer

If you just let people pile into Gehennas and Firemaw that would be a mistake


This is why we can’t have nice things.
Instead of balancing out the servers, you direct players to form one faction mega servers.


If you don’t look at faction balance and take that into consideration when deciding which realms to give free transfers, then you’re doing something horribly wrong. There are realms where the faction balance is as extreme as 99.5% / 0.5%.


Well done . Now please look into merging medium pop servers with faction imba .

As with every blizzard announcement there is so much ambiguity in everything they provide…

What is considered a low-population realm? As in, what if a faction is <5% of the realm but the other side is healthy, can you transfer off then?

It doesn’t state if we can server transfer to realms considered “full” from dead realms and realm factions.

Clarity asap please so we don’t waste more time on dead servers.


Would it not make more sense to transfer from low to medium though instead of low to high/full?

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So transfer off Razorgore Alliance does not count in here or? 400+ alliance vs 4k+ horde. It is a medium pop server overall but dead from an alliance POV. If it does count, I want my money back after transfering off it two weeks ago.

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Judging by paid transfers so far, one faction servers is what majority wants.


No one wants to play on balanced servers.
Why not having more people for instnced pvp or pve?
And no not everyone wants to do world pvp nonstop as someone who is 99% in war mode on Alliance even I have days to not be killed in world and do my thing.

PvP realms literally proved that thing again.

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Mograine as a server is dying more and more on a weekly basis. My guild members cannot play and are desperate to xfer to Firemaw. This news has given us some hope that something will be done so we can all xfer together for free, as some of our players would were planning to quit otherwise. But they will continue if we have free xfer.


Every faction below 5k and only to realms, where this faction doesn’t have more than 50% already.

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do it fast please, maybe merge all server to 3-5 big servers ? :slight_smile:


Please let us transfer from Nethergarde Keep for free. Place is dying and it is very hard to find groups for dungeons whether it being normals of heroics

On top of the overall population, it is essential to look from the perspective of faction balance(40-60% should be the limit) and it is crucial to block transfers(even paid) to the dominant faction(by a 20% or less margin) of a realm.

To avoid further issues like this, this system should be implemented just like layers are, to come to action automatically, whenever such discrepancies between the factions happen.

Berny on a realm with 2 times more ally now.

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Think yourself lucky Berny - we’ve been running on a server with over 500 more horde than Alliance over the last 6 months. Numbers have got a bit closer more recently as the 6 of us Alliance who are left are now only faced by about 20 horde and a few resource farmers.

Didn’t you transfer from Earthshaker? That’s not a low population realm.

ES horde no more. Berny pve hero. Transfer totally worth because Berny got Azshara talon and other items without resilience. Now, lowbie ganking more efficient.

Berny hope Raxnor get free transfers soon and moves to nice realm :slight_smile: