Free Character Transfers Coming to Burning Crusade Classic

Yes but for now they’ve only mentioned overall server population not faction population on servers.

While I can agree dungeon groups are rare on NGK, but that is mostly in the morning. Afternoon, it picks up and there is plenty of groups.
NGK alliance is quite stable server population wise, no too much elitism, no GDP and such
Try using /LFM, not /LFG, take initiative and make group by yourself, it works.

Faction queues is a thing from pservers who arent responsible to sub paying customers.
Blizzard cant implement that because of ToS, since many would be denied loging in while paying to be able to log in.
It would also separate guilds and their members, since many would not be able to login at raid times and more outrage would come of that.
PvP servers are just troublesome, most people dont like being there, but they feel “forced” since “bigger and more skilled raid recruit pool is there”.


Mograine still has 1.5k raid logs so the number of active players is higher than that, that’s a decent amount of people and it’s worth saving

If Blizzard has any sense they will offer free transfers for alliance from realms I mentioned to Mograine so you don’t need to transfer to an already overpopulated server

Noone said that they will allow you to tranfer from low to high/full. Let’s see the servers announcements first and then decide if they did a good job or not


Underlined the important part for you.

A good decision by Blizzard yet there will always be cavemen who still manages to critizise this.

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Yes but that will drop below 1k. About 3-5 guilds went and 2-3 pugs xferreed for the next ironfore data week. Then I believe 2 went this week. If Mograine is not included in the list, then my guild will also go in a few weeks time.

Mograine will be sub 1k very soon.

This won’t do a rat’s posterior for realms that are high pop but extremely one faction sided. Obviously it’s kinda too late to properly fix it, blizz’s incompetence made this happen, never locked a faction of new chars being created or opened free faction change for one faction only, let alone try and balance racials for the metaslave sheep that cause this imbalance. If they did open horde>alliance faction change there’s some hope for a healthy game. But it requires some coding to add faction change and they only got that one hostaged intern dev left so i get it.


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At last the good news! That’s a godsent change for us who have multiple chars raised and left behind. Ty

Give everyone a free faction transfer.

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Cute, try a Server with 8.000+ more hordes than allies.

Think you need to plan this more carefully because it might make the population more unbalanced for the alliance for example majority of dead servers are horde dominated and by moving tons of horde to alliance servers will destroy whats left of tbc for the alliance.

Maybe we could have a proper population database so players can choose more wisely without causing havoc even more just an idea :bulb:

In addition to this: PvE Horde: Mirage-Raceway

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Its’ getting lower by the minute though, ironforge now reported 1090 ally yesterday, thats 400 down in only a week.

Yes you are right. Wow. Well Alliance Mograine had a few more guilds and pugs leave for this reset now. So next week will drop again probably 200. Then I know 3-4 more guilds will likely go in a few weeks.

Alliance Mograine will be sub 500 soon. So alliance Mograine really does need to be considered for free xfers.

Just let us all go to Firemaw or something.

People like you complain about company being greedy to get transfer money from you, but when they actually do you complain that they did gave free transfers?

IMO the fixes are (and feel free to not agree)

  1. Implement free Horde > Alliance faction change with some form of incentive to get the overall balance close to 50-50.

  2. Allow all players free transfer to a couple of mega servers.

Just these 2 things alone would protect the game and what it is meant to be and I know for sure many of my guild members would continue playing, who otherwise will soon quit due to the state of the server.


I’m waiting for this but when it’s over you will get players coming back saying “I missed it” and complaining very loudly about being on an even deader realm.

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Just go to PvE realm and you find out that entertaining superior numbers of enemy isn’t a content, but just a time sink.