Free Horde migration from Shazzrah

For those who don’t know, Shazzrah has something like 1 to 10 Ally/Horde ratio and it is getting worse. Let’s kindly ask Blizzard to allow a free migration to an appropriate server. Time for action!

I joined a PVP server for the PVP and I haven’t been able to do any during my play time. I thought I was unlucky or something until I learned that Blizzard doesn’t balance their servers. Ask yourself, who would want to play on an extremely unbalanced PVP server? I couldn’t finish a single PVP quest. And there’s no information on faction balance when you start out. Why?

A migration/transfer is the least they can do. As a player I shouldn’t need to be concerned about faction balance and transfers should be bought only for vanity reasons not because a player is not getting what they paid for.

I would also like to see a meter or a warning, or just some info on faction balance when selecting a realm or creating a character.

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