Free realm transfer/merging ?

What will the future of these realms be ?

I log on tonight, a holiday and type /who in chat, i got 2 players included myself in Orgrimmar on Al’akir. It was in total 14 players at 120 from Al’akir online at 02:00, alltoghter on the 3 realms it was 27x120 players online… Can’t even get the 50 players maxed online on 3 realms all togheter… It’s safe to say these realms are more then stone dead…

It’s sad to see, when you got 5 characters over 110 and 3 on 120 that you really enjoyed playing. 2 of them i been playing aslong back as in vanilla. But log in to the realm, looking at AH for insaine pricing, get on to a guild and see the latest message to be 2 months old, the second latest is 4 months old, its depressing.

The realm is statet as “LOW”, it should rather be statet “Inactive”.

I myself have start playing on another realm, and i would love to play my tones i got here on a more active server.

Is there no thoughts about a bigger merging with other “LOW” populated realms, or a free migration and just delete these realms ? 20 realms with the title “LOW”, why are these realms not migratet toghter ?


if you think horde side is bad, check our alliance side we have even alot less people playing

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