Free Server transfer. Not working! (ERA)


Iv been trying to use free character transfer from Stonespine to the active pvp cluster(Firemaw)
But after the first try from blizzsrd to move SOM over to ERA/Wotlk its been down…

Anyone els got this problem?

The SoM to Era works fine.

I thought they didn’t allow you to move between clusters.

yeah, its suppost to be open. there is no mention that its closed. and it work up to the day they first tryed to move SOM. but failed. and it was another 2 weeks? befor SOM transfer worked.

Take a closer look.
The thread was closed, unpinnend AND hidden.
If you don´t have the link, you can´t access it.
Same for the german one (the US one was only closed and unpinned).

It´s safe to say, that the FCT are not coming back anytime soon.

like this post is about.

Free transfers from the Dead clusters was not the onlything that broke during blizzards SOM transfers…

They pinned it 4 days ago…

Prob To hide the info and they dont wanna spend time helping there paying customers. Im not the only one thats refered to that post, when we make inngame tickets and bug reports…

There is no info anymore.

They always just unpin info threads that are not relevant anymore.

If they intented to reopen the FCT soon, they wouldn´t unpin the thread, because they would have to open it again anyway then.

You claim “it´s supposed to be open” but it´s clearly not (at the moment)

And my realm is not “dEaD” :unamused: just because it´s not the Firemaw or Pyrewood cluster…

I dont know what cluster your on?

Actually not a cluster, but a single realm.
It´s our tiny RP realm, but it´s still alive. With RP guild(s), roleplayers, and a lot of discussions (including from some Wrath players) how to get the most out of the player count we currently have.
It´s tiny, but not “dead”

Or look at Hydraxian Waterlords - there is the hardcore community located.
It´s also small realm, but i am pretty sure they don´t consider their realm as “dead”

But granted, since Blizzard murdered my TBCC realm this year, i am a bit sensitive if people call my realm “dead”, sorry :sweatgrin:

Back to topic:
Given the fact that they have done the same (locking, unpinning, and in EU even hidding) the FCT announcement threads, i think that´s the answer you´ll get at the moment.

If they were working on reactivating the FCT, there wouldn´t be a need to remove the threads. Would be useless…

I don´t expect that they will reopen the FCT this year.

And i wouldn´t be surprised if they´d discuss internally, what to do.
Maybe merge all realms to one PVE/PVP cluster?

Maybe creating new realms, and open FCT to those two realms and setting the existing ones to “transfer only” (like the SoM in februrary)?

Or merging all realms into one PVE/PVP as they did with the TBCC ones? GRUMBLE

I, personally, don´t like any of those options. I want to keep my littly, tiny, but beloved RP realm.
But i think they´re working on something behind the scenes.

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You never mentionm your server?

Yes, Clusters?

You do know im talking about wow classic ERA? (its not wow classic wotlk)

Hydraxian Waterlords?
there is not even 1 lvl60 on the server at prime houer. and its full of Hardcore ppl (death=delete) 99% of the pop is around 1-20

what u mean “Murdered my TBC Realm” ? where here talking about wow classic era and TBC realm moved on to WOTLK. there is not enoth ppl around to keep a TBC server up.

Back to topic:

They already got Clusters…

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