Free transfer away from ten storms please

What is the next step for all low pop realms?

Agreed, you should have free transfers from dead servers to midpop servers. It will benefit everyone. Rather quit than play on low servers. But Im sure Blizz wont mind more ppl going to FFXIV xD

I doubt blizz staff even reads server topics

So now horde guilds have started transfering away. Theres no saving it now. We will see an drop in active raiders

@Blizzard…anytime sweethearts, we waiting.

No Alliance at all on pvp a server. Finding a dungeon takes forever. Word “massive” is missing from MMORPG on Ten Storms. Please open free transfer or merge it with other low pops

At least Barrens is aptly named…?

server is kinda doomed if alot of guilds leav

Its already doomed

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Just gonna say, blizzard wont do anything. Tellem left the realm yesterday to Razorgore and im sure more is to follow. I wish you all best of luck

There need to be a free transfere away from the server soon. The server is dead, and have been for a long time. It wont get any better im affraid ^^


Let us out of here! We alrdy pay 15€+ a month to play, why should we pay even more, just because we dont want to play on a dead server?


We literally have people not renewing the sub. because of this issue, the community which has been built over the last years, could move together instead we are forced to pay for transfer per char! - most of us has 3-6 level 60-70s. - Then people choose diffrent servers and you split up the community, a free directed server transfer or server merge would make us avoid that.

Also how can we have a PVP server with 0 Alliance? - Not much faction, or world pvp which kinda is how the lore is build up.
It takes hours to find dungeon groups as well.


Losing friends I made in classic and who I have been playing with since classic released is very sad to me. I understand them they dont want to pay 50 bucks or for some even way more than that to just get to play. Server health should be looked into by the provider and not being put upon the customers. On Ten Storms the “MMORPG” is missing the “Massive and Multiplayer”


Listen to Kura, is a good idea 9/10 times :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, cancelled both my subs. Will resub if we get the server transfer for free


Ten Storms is about to have the last spike hammered into it’s coffin. Finding dungeon groups has been hard for a while, but now there is a surge of players abandoning the server. The players that remain will also be forced to transfer if we are to enjoy playing classic TBC. A lot of us are not interested in paying for a service that should be provided by you, the game developers. Because right now, playing on Ten Storms is not very enjoyable.

For a lot of us this means being unable to play together with people we have played together with since the start of classic.

Could you please do something?

(If you don’t do anything: I hope the money you make from paid character transfers is greater than the subscriptions you will inevitably lose by not giving people good options).


Losing people/ subs due to “Dead Server” shouldn’t be an issue. Free transfers from small servers.

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Personally, i wont even resub, if they wont solve issue soon, because i wanted to feel classic TBC, including P1, but if they will only solve this in later patches or even WoTLK, it will be too late for me.

I just logged on to try and find a group for Steam vaults normal and the group couldn’t find a DPS to complete the group.

I’ve loved playing on this server and with everyone one on it but each week it feels like it just gets worse and worse.

Even just confirmation that there will be no free transfers or merges is better than the silence that we and so many other players from different severs have gotten. Does Blizzard’s customer service and community managment teams have such little disregard fpr their players that they can’t spare the 2 minutes it would take to right up a blue post?