Free Transfer off Dead Factions

Hi Blizzard!
There are factions on some realms like Gehennas Alliance, or Earthshaker Horde that are completely dead and that weren’t included in the Free Migration service you provided some months ago. Please review this list and also take Factions into consideration, because there is no cross-faction-play in classic.
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Please give free transfers off factions, that don’t have enough players to be able to play the game at all like the alliance side of gehennas, because I think it’s unfair to pay to fix this problem out of principle

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Based on their efforts it seems like they expect this problem to solve itself in a very profitable way a.k.a customers victim of their poor planning pick up their wallets and pay Blizz to get out of the unplayable situation they are stuck in.

No respect for their customers. Just cash generators

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