Free transfer off for horde @Blizzard

Maybe Blizzard can have some clemency towards the few of us left on Ashbringer Horde which has entirely died, and allow us to free transfer off the realm so we can try to enjoy WoTLK somewhere else?

There are less than 50 players online on Horde at any given time. More often than not its in the low 20s to high 30s at best. Often barely 10 lvl 70s online.

There are no dungeon groups to be had, found or created. There are definitely no raids to be organized due to the lack of people and every single day someone asks in the world chat like an everlasting echo “When will we be able to transfer?”

Just dont allow free transfer to Gehennas if you are afraid of it being too full, there are barely 50 people likely to transfer anyway. Let us go to Golemagg or heck anywhere for that sake. Ashbringer horde is completely empty.

A barren wasteland where its just a handfull of people leveling their chars on a dead realm for unknown reasons and some bots grinding gold to transfer over im sure.

Please allow us to play the game the last remaining months of TBC and into WoTLK.

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Agreed. I’ve just resubbed after a break only to find between 20-40 horde connected on what was once a nicely balanced server.

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I would love that too. I just checked /who and there are only 11 players from lvl 60 to 70

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Agreed, the server is basically dead and is where I have my only character and where I play with my friends

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