Free transfer please!

with the current ratio: 70:30 leveling as alliance player is worse than walking in a minefield. I don’t want to be killed with same horde players 20 time everytime i run to my corpse.

Alliance shouldnt be able to transfer
A faction specific que for the horde so that the balance is correct should be the best solution for this particular issue.

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But we dont have queues on Flamelash

What im saying is to reduce the amount of horde being able to log onto the server at the same time. Making the pvp scene less overwhelming for the faction with less population.

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I just unsubbed because of this, it’s unplayable.

While I don’t want to say that your life is easy, it’s not this bad. Right?


This has to be one of the most ill thought out suggestions I have seen in a while. Essentially, you are advocating blocking players from logging into the game. How do you decide who to block? What if the next 100 horde players aren’t even logging in to pvp, they want to raid or use the auction house how does that help? Talk about commercial business sense, deny access to paying customers, sure that would really go down well right? Things would have settled down in time anyway, the faster introduction of battle grounds will resolve the majority of the issues which Alliance are currently complaining about. Besides, look at your attitude in your post in this thread before the honor patch landed

So what happened? Reality hit hard I suppose and you along with the rest of the Alliance finally realised what the Horde players on the server knew all along, you were massively outnumbered and the majority of Horde just needed a reason to farm you ie: Honor Points.

Its a proposal that doesnt change the basegame or rush the timeline, the server is large enough already so culling the numbers on one side via this way is a reasonable option. We need less horde on the server overall anyway and this would incentivise people to play the faction with no ques when deciding to join.
BGs in my opinion is the wrong move, will we rush every patch out as soon as we complete the content of it? Bgs wont solve the larger issues of being camped outside of brd 10 times considering the size of the server is so large that horde will rather worldpvp than sit in the que due to the population inbalance.
So far im enjoying the pvp content. I do alot of group pvp with my friends and overall its a nice patch that livens up the world. im not exactly the one that wants content added to the game outside of the server phase cycle.

Enjoy hours long BG queues :slight_smile:

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I know that’s the one hope you Alliance are hanging onto, but unfortunately for you, the BG servers are cross realm. Enjoy getting smashed :slight_smile:

Doesn’t matter if they’re cross realm if the other realms are also majority horde.
Womp womp.

Hello my problem has been solved so thank you for supporting and caring the topic. See you at Azeroth.

Yeah, for anyone else considering this you already have the option to transfer off the server - it’s in the bottom left of the login screen, under “Shop”.

If anyone should be getting free transfers it should be the horde to reduce their numbers, giving alliance a free transfer will kill the servers pvp…Horrible idea.

Totally agreed, me and my guild transfered today to bloodfang and it has been good. Unlike flamelash that will become even worse now which i am actually still sad about. I dont know how blizzard is going to fix it now that the leakage of guilds is becoming noticable.

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