Free transfer to firemaw when?

Please open free transfer from pve servers to firemaw.



That will not happen for quite some time. If you want to move then you will need to pay when they unlock it again.

Come join Golemagg if your Alliance. From it gives impression population is low, but lots are leveling. However, if you want to spam raids / GDKP’s go join Firemaw they are running all the time there.
It’s basically an PvE server now, Horde has mass transferred to Gehennas.


They’ve never unlocked pve to pvp

@cursepoke are you talking about TBC? This is the classic era forum. There’s currently free transfers to firemaw from all PvP servers, but not from pve.

Then why even bother talking about opening transfers? most Era realms are connected.

Looking at the posts it’s not just Era, it’s Wrath as well, and who’s fault is it for not being specific? You are after all posting from a Retail character.

agree but only free for horde. Horde needs more pop atm.

How is that relevant? I posted about firemaw and pve realms, which are not connected. It doesn’t make the slightest difference if some other realms are connected.

Also, why are you responding to this with a character with a big hat? This post has nothing to do with hats.

I could ask why you are posting on a Dark Iron Dwarf as they have nothing to do with it either.

I think probably you can’t do it because it wasn’t an option in Classic. A lot of realms can transfer to Firemaw, just not PvE.

Highly doubt they will open a free transfer to a server with population FULL now right before WOTLK. If you want to transfer to that server your best bet is Payed character transfer. (Not sure thats even possible atm).

WOTLK is going to bring many players back and a full server could quite easily end up with queues.

I don’t think paid transfer is available for Firemaw.

There’s free transfers from all the PvP realms, so why not pve?

See blue post pinned at the top of this forum: Free Character Transfers Now Available -- WoW Classic Era

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