Free Transfer

We who were on frostmane before this absurd merge should get a server transfer this is not skål moment


Hopefully we do. But don’t get your hopes up.

Indeed, we did not ask for this. I would not have picked this server today if i had the choise.

Back in WOTLK, I migrated with 12 chars from Emeriss to Frostmane. In the meantime, I even did faction changes for those chars and the character amount went up to 15.

Now we had this merge with Aggra, a non-English language based server and I honestly am far from happy about this. People talk about this ridiculous act and the fact that they contacted Customer Support just to request a free character migration. Unfortunately, their request was denied and they were told that they should pay 25 euro for their migration.

Now the fun (and math) starts. I have now a total of 15 chars and a guild. This means that if I want to get away from Frostmane I need to pay a quite hefty sum.
15x 25 euro = 375 plus 1x 30 euro for the guild transfer. Which will put me with a payment of 405 euro just because some community manager though it would be nice to mix up languages even though several people stated that they did NOT want this merge to happen!
They gave us the finger by still doing this AND forcing us to pay if we disagree with that what they decide for us!

Thanks for ruining the gaming experience this way, Activision Blizzard! Thank you for showing a total lack of understanding, commitment and support towards the player base that liked this game and thank you for showing how much you starve for draining more money from us!


So much crying because you wont be able to read “some” of the drama in trade chat . Dam you gonna be left alone in the corner because you cant speak portuguese .

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And that “gonna be left alone in the corner because you cant speak purtuguese” is exactly the reason why people want to transfer. If I wanted that, I would have played on a Portuguese server.

Holy molly … well then just pay the 405 euro you arent getting free transfer .

I am glad that it is not your call.

Its really sad to see all these hates comments, remember the merge was with grim batol and aggra… grim batol used to be a big alliance server, but after the horde bias, it got destroyed the few big guilds left in BFA and now its a sleeper server, guilds are doing 5/12 mythic and not managing to hold members attracted to do more raids.

So frostmane was a breath of fresh air, but its sad to see its so much hate and things close to racism, i feel bad when i see these mean and clueless comments in tradechat and in forums.
I really hope it will get better with time, but BLIZZARD should adress this and take action towards racism.

Really hoping there will be more servers to mergs with us soon, we need to boost up community and guilds. Considering silvermoon/ravencrest is 20k-25k alliance players and the really sad thing we are bleeding players to the big realms still. Its a kinda hurry for blizzard to populate other servers, if not there will be 2-4 big servers and rest will be dead with no progression on…

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