Free Transfer

Will free transfer take 24 hours or will it be somewhat immediately as no payment need to be registered?

Say if I wait 2 hours, or 12 hours. Will it suffice?

Also the character transfer information page could do with more information. This that I here bring up and guild related info.

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It’s immediate, or as slow as the number of toons transferring. There’s no wait to transfer the next one.
One toon of mine was transferred after 5 minutes, another was ready next morning.


where is it from and to!?

im searching but cant find a free transfer anywhere

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This varies depending on circumstances and how blizzard decide to deal with it. It is most often an alleviation to migrate off of near dead servers. I asked for the current Hydraxian Waterlords > Pyrewood transfer.
Or well it’s been a while since I checked and with my luck the free transfer has ended before I decide to use it. It better not, I paid my sub for it and are just slowly making sure I just don’t abruptly leave behind good friends and a well organized account.

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UP TO means anything from a minute to 24 hours. No one knows.

Also they say several hours, not 24.

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is this free transfer still available from shazzrah to firemaw

It should still be available, as far as I know. Just in case: Do note that this is for the Era-servers, not TBC.

thanks for info, unfortunatly i am in tbc, so no free transfer for me

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