Free Transfers to Gehennas Closing Soon

is it to cynical to suggest that this was engineered to sell faction transfers to the poor horde souls at firemaw who is left or will return to the game at some point?

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yeah lets all move to a one sided server like absolute sheep and abandon the best server out of all of them for balance and pvp because a few guilds left exploiting a loop hole. absolute madness!


My fellow Gehennans, I just arrived here, let’s be friends and enjoy Wotlk together! :smiley:

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would be nice if you could unlock firemaw before wrath. people want to lvl/prep

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Welcome everyone lets make queue over 9000!!

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Props to whoever at Blizz came up with this idea, smart way to fix Firemaw’s queue issue.

They 100% will later on. Gehennas will be the EU Horde mega server and Firemaw will be the ally mega server. Rest EN players will be on Golemagg

Talk about closing the gate after the horse has bolted.

Someone is going to get stuck on a rubbish realm. I can’t wait for their complaint.


So, now all my friends went to gehennas but i can’t free transfer already, i don’t see the server in the option, while if i use normal transfer i see gehennas in the destination realms.

Yeah, but that’s not reasonable, imagine your guild/friend group deciding to move to another realm and they suddendly cut-off the transfers midway when half the members got to it.

You should have at least 20 hours left according to the blue post.

So you’re not going to fix the mess you created on Gehennas? Nice nice, we’re just 2 months away from 12 hour queues and a 30k+ population then.


Weak argument, your guild/friend group knows very well the risks involved with exploiting obvious loopholes.

Loophole? Maybe. Exploit? Kek, no way.

Let’s not forget it was Blizzard’s brilliant idea to lock Firemaw for both factions, why would you as a Horde player not try to flee after they did that?

A. you’re not the dominant faction on a pvp realm, B, because of the lock your friends can’t join you for wotlk, C. you were used to play on a large server with many facilities and 24/7 economy.

For them moving to Gehennas is just righting the wrong that was imposed on them, I can’t see an ‘exploit’ anywhere, I don’t even think it’s morally wrong.

Should free transfers to Gehennas been blocked much, much earlier? Yes, not like Gehennas was a low population realm to begin with.

Is it fair to leave friends and guildies stranded based on their oversight now? No.

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It’s not a maybe, Blizzard closing down transfers to Gehennas is more than enough evidence that the Firemaw → Razorgore → Gehennas exploit was not meant to happen. And yes, it’s absolutely loophole exploiting.

Ah yes, righting the wrong by wronging another group of people (Gehennas players) by potentially bringing hours long queues to them.

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Just because you didn’t mean for it to happen doesn’t mean when it does happen, it’s an exploit.

Then why was Gehennas open for free transfers if it was already considered close to overpopulation?

Cant even see gehennas as an option on free transfers

I migrated my characters from Razorgore like 2 hours ago and I remember Gehennas being there as an option

ye, just managed to transfer an alt from Razorgore now. Just thought it would be possible to transfer chars from Shazzrah aswell.

Thanks for answering :slight_smile:

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Seem to be able to transfer from several of the other dead realms to gehennas, but for some reason not Shazzrah. Anyone knows anything about this? maybe some information about it that i have missed. Thank you

It is but you’ve already made up your mind about it so no point arguing.

I can’t speak on Blizzard’s behalf but it’s most likely because free transfers to Gehennas were only possible from low pop and empty servers (which also had other high/medium pop servers as destinations, not only Gehennas) where theres only a few people left so them transfering would not cause massive overpopulation. Now compare that to Firemaw where around 10k players want to transfer to a server that already has 20k+ population, think it goes without saying why that’s a bad idea for the overall health of Gehennas.

Anyways, you’re only bringing emotionally charged arguments and “what if’s” to the table without looking at things logically, no point wasting time here.

You are by default wasting your time, it was already decided to give the 24 hour notice regardless of your arguments.