Free transfers

Hey im trying to use free transfer to firemaw but I dont know how. any1 help?

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firemaw is dead don’t do it

Log into the game and choose the character for the free transfer in the shop. Some realms are not included like Ashbringer. Look here for the list of those you can move from.

Also make a character to scout the realm BEFORE moving as you cannot move back afterwards.

How can a full realm be dead? That’s just foolish.

You really dont understand irony and humour do you ! :wink:

Irony never works well in text, and humour is subjective. I usually use that wink for humour and use /sarcasm for the other.

Text never sounds to others as it does in your own head.

Hmm where do you guys find the Free transfer icon in the store?? I only have the icon with 25 euro price on it :confused: i really wanna change to firemaw but i dont have the money for it…

I figured it out. Are you sure you are selecting a server that’s available for free transfer? If so the icon should pop up next to paid transfer

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