Freeze and high latency

Hi Blues,

Since few weeks, from time to time, few times a day there is a total freeze of the game for 30+ seconds and after that latency is very high 2000+.

It is not only me, but many people I play with in guild have the same issue.

I read around and this seems to be experienced by many other and doesn’t look like getting fixed.
I wonder if anyone else if also having this and how often and for how many this is happening too?

Playing on Burning Legion.


Welcome to the club. I have been having a problem for a while. It all kind of fixed when I changed my DNS servers to Google but now it’s back after the update last week. The usual methods don’t work, so Blizzard is putting the blame on our ISP. I don’t know how true that is but I believe it has some truth to it. But I also believe Blizzard can fix these problems.

Small indi company can’t do anything)

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Exact problem here, since few weeks. cant really raid with it, because its happening every 10-20 mins for 20-30s

It happen to me once over 1-2 hours. I got lag spike with characters frozen and moving in place - this last like 5-10 sec, then my World latency goes super high and stays at around 150ms (usually its 30-40). I have tried to switch routers, reset them etc. but have not found solution yet.

Yeah, I’ve noticed that so it’s affecting more than just AMD GPU’s here.

System spec:

Win10 64bit (latest updates)
AMD R9 5900X CPU
Asus Crosshair VIII Hero WiFi
64gb ram 3200mhz
Nvidia RTX 4080 FE
Tried on both Gen4 NVME drives, same issue (Happens with or without mods loaded.)

Suspecting it’s DX12 being the culprit here, Bios, drivers, etc all updated.

Sometimes the music continues to play, other times the music stutters and it’s a complete freeze. For me it’s around 2-4 hours, not sure if that’s due to having more ram and it’s a memory leak somewhere.

I have the same problem, i sent logs from winmtr and my PC info, but no reply, i can not play a game i pay for for the last several weeks. First i thought it was temporary but its not changing at all… Lat week i had technical support from my inet provider at home and everything works fine except WOW (wotlk classic and SOD).

Yep still not resolved, so it’s more than 1 month now. And it’s clearly of Blizzard site as was shown on trace routes in other topics.

Some folks on the US side of things have started having similar issues:

Let’s hope it will help, Blizz might actually do something if it’s US and not EU.

very sorry I’m not allowed to offer any tech support as blizzard has ask that I refrain from doing so.

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