Freeze while using MSI Afterburner

I dont change anything.Old MSI afterburner installation with zero problems before.
Just randomly freeze in combat. Sound is still played but screen is freezed.
Can you fix it, wow devs ?

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When did Blizzard buy MSI? I never saw anything about Blizzard buying up MSI in the press.

I mean, you must think that Blizzard own MSI, if you are expecting them to fix MSI’s software issues.

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No problem here. Are you on the latest version?
It’s usually pretty safe to use the beta version, at least I never had issues with them:

Yes I have the same problem until now I have not yet found a solution

okay tried to play with DX 11 Legacy so far no problems

With DX 12 my picture freezes but only WOW all other games work without problems when I switch it to DX 11 Legecy everything is ok 2 days lasts test all good