Freezes/Crashes in Dragonflight only

Hi guys,

I am very aware that Blizzard doesn’t support SteamOS however I am solely playing on my Steam Deck (well I was).

Started having crashes and freezes not long after entering Dragon Isles and I would stop playing on 1 character and go to another to level, come back and would be able to progress further in the story until I would get complete screen lock and then Steam Deck would restart itself / I would have to force exit.

So I gave up on my Demon Hunter after so much effort to figure out what is going wrong. I then started progressing with my Mage and didn’t have a single issue until I get to the same area that my DH is stuck in - Storm Scar - and now I have 2 alts stuck in a continual freezing loop.

Is this hardware or software issue? I can play D4 without any issues like this and D4 is newer!

Am I going round the bend or does anyone have any advice for me? I’m literally thinking of buying a laptop at this rate / I shouldn’t have got back into WoW :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for reading!

Just incase anyone else seems to have random freezes and crashes, I just spent an hour messing around and realised that it was Direct X12 causing the issues. Changed to Direct X11 and works flawlessly! (For now!)

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Yes!!! Will try now. So annoying with all crashes

I actually have the exact same issue but ONLY on my demon hunter,
I play 8 alts all 70 and none of the 7 other has the issue.

My havoc demon hunter on the other hand gets to completely freeze from time to time sometimes for a short period sometimes until I get disconnected.

This did not happen during season 1 or season 2, this is a new feature…

The fun part is that my UI and addons are about exactly the same on every characters.
So I suspect there is something wrong there as no other character is experiencing it…

I was told that maybe switching to dx11 would help but as my dh is not my main and I noticed a little fps loss in dx 11 vs dx 12 I kept using 12…

I will be sticking to 11 when playing my DH just to see if that fix the issue.

Edit: I believe it happens during combat only, I don’t remember having a freeze out of combat.

Edit2: dx 11 definitely doesn’t fix my issue unfortunately :frowning:

I might have pinned down the issue as UI related, more testing is required though.
Installing the “Addon CPU Usage” addon and turning on profiling was quite helpful.
The “On login Start Capture” option allowed me to do profile without joining a raid.

This profiling tool should be a blizzard addon tbh, pretty much like /eventtrace

I only just realised that my post got replies! So apologies that I’ve only just logged in.

What a shame that changing to DX11 didn’t work because I’ve been playing it non stop since fixing it! I also haven’t noticed too many fps losses (unless in a cluster of people spamming bosses) and I am also playing DH a lot.

Just thought I’d mention, I have changed the standard UMA frame buffer from 1gb to 4gb and also installed cryoutilities 2.0. Both of these improve graphics and quality overall. Worth doing if you haven’t already.

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