Fresh 120 hunter LF guild - Sylvanas



I recently felt a bit bad for having to do all my adventures solo when my whole total of 2 buddies are offline due to irl stuff. I’m a relatively new player and I recently dinged 120. Basically… I’m nolifing this game and will be doing so for most of the summer. I’d like a guild that does the same.

Item level is 290 right now if anyone finds this relevant, though I’d mostly like to play casually for now (probably way too noob for raids anyway, tho idk). I have learned rotations by now.

Oh and… I’m sorta looking for a discord using guild to actually talk/chill/do-stuff with people and not just any guild to be a part of.

If this is you or you are part of a guild like this then let me know in the comments or add me in game. :slight_smile: Char is: Worsthunteu Battlenet is: NotJustHim#21804


Fyi: I may be willing to switch server, altho the thing is my friend is a bit poor right now and I don’t wanna leave him behind and I won’t pay for his switch too.

Aliance btw.

Did I miss anything? :slight_smile: