Fresh merge with era after SoM is done?

Why would you even want this?

None of the devs that created the original classic WoW is still working for Blizzard.

It’s like adjusting a artpiece in a museum. Because with modern technics it would look better.

It’s fine if they adjust it but keep the adjustements in a entire other game for example SoM.

Alot of players don’t want these changes, for example SoM won’t bring back Progress players, Apes etc… The changes are imo all stupid and it’s another quick cash grab.

Something to feed the addictive Andies some Dopamine cus it’s ‘‘new’’

TBH it’s kinda sad cus it will split the ‘‘small community’’ that’s still playing TBC and Classic WoW even more.

Yes that’s what I meant to say. You level to 60, you clear as many raids as you can and then everything is wiped and you start over from scratch on a fresh new season server.

I’ve been thinking about this though and I’m afraid that if really nothing carries over from one season to the next players will feel like they totally wasted their time and they won’t return for the next season.

Maybe something real simple like a title or tabard to show that you achieved things in the previous season would help.

Well, for me example, I couldn’t participate in Classic two years ago (my life changed way too much at that time) and I’m planning to do this on SOM instead. What really worries me is that they will just wipe the characters after 12 months. What if I happen to get nice raid gear and then puff it’s gone. I’m not planning to do mindless power leveling in 12-month-cycles like hamster in a runner. I can’t get those items in retail because that game is utter c**p right now. I can’t stand that game at all (it’s not the same game anymore with all the time warping Chromie BS).

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characters are not wiped in seasonal mode like they are not doing in seasonal mode of diablo 3. After a season ends characters are part of classic era and a new fresh season starts in the new seasonal realms.

They’re not going to add them to classic era. SoM has so many changes, that it’s a different game in many ways. If it’s anything like Diablo, they’ll keep the first SoM season as the ‘permanent’, and every season after the characters will end up on the first seasons permanent realm.

kinda doubt it but even if that is the case the point of my previews reply remains the same. Characters are not wiped.

I do agree with you on that, I do not believe that characters will be wiped. I am almost certain they won’t end up on classic era realms though.

On pirate seasonal realms the characters are wiped after the first season ends. Gone forever, and I think that’s how SoM will work. With a slight, very slight possibility of a transfer to either Era or TBCC.

If you mean private servers, I bet the characters are wiped because they have much more limited resources for running multiple servers for just “dead” characters. Blizz on the other hand is doing that already. And at least Blizz is not known for such behavior of deleting characters in WoW, yet. Even though merging servers and having to rename your character comes quite close.

Blizzard have never merged realms. Actually the word pirate fits better than private. It’s pirate as in copying stuff illegally not long john silver type.

I gave my opinion about SoM realms and what will happen at the end. You are welcome to disagree with it as no one knows yet.

I understand that, but I’ve usually seen the private server term and thus wanted to clarify we are speaking of the same thing.

I took like 2 year brake from WoW and when I came back all of my characters from the realm I used to play, had to be renamed because of the merged (or whatever the correct term was) realm cluster took place and those names were taken already. My characters were named like Charnam123456 when I returned.

No, that was people taking your names after they were inactive for too long, blizzard does not want to lock names indefinitely. They are safe for a period of two expansions I think.

Edit: Blizzard have NEVER merged realms, only connected and that allows you to keep your names.

I see. My mistake on that part then. And yes, it was like 2 expansions or so that took place during the break I had, at least on that server.

No real confirmation on this.
Chances are that we’ll likely see them wiped.

They won’t get added to the classic era servers.
SoM has a lot of changes different to classic era.

Nah. no chances to have characters wipe. was never on the design philosophy of this game.

that is why they should merge it will era when it’s over or make you allow to transfer your character over

I agree on this. Even if it is not the same game, it’s close enough so that people are “on the same page”. And ofc there would not be any XP bonuses and other changes that SOM has after the merging. Only real problem would be the names that are duplicated, but at least then you could keep your character even if the name changes.

Another option would be to leave it as it is (or connect all the SOM servers with the same type and language into one) and wait for another season to end to have a new wave for those who want to keep on going, even if there won’t be many of them (just speculating).

Third and worst option would be to just delete everything and start it all over which seems kind of rude and pointless. And it turns people off from even starting the SOM.

Fourth option, and the most improbable one, would be to take SOM classic to whole another path and add end game content for 60:ies. That won’t happen I believe.

well if it going to be number 2 option, then I would like to copy my characters from era over to it aswell, since it’s more alive and I like the changes.

If classic era becomes the dumping ground of SoM, I’m going to stop playing. I’m not too worried about it, as the games will be so different from each other.

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